sexta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2007


What type of musical elitist are you?

Your elitist claim to fame is that you prefer local or obscure bands that have yet to be discovered. You love to be the first person to introduce a new band to your friends. You frequent all the mom and pop record stores, read all the indie music publications, scour the internet and keep on top of all the latest. You generally dont respect what mainstream music has to offer, and thats why you like independent artists to work with smaller record labels so they have more creative control. You generally like bands with small fan bases, but you wouldnt abandon your favorite if they happen to make it big. You look to music to express your desire for social change. You like artists that write music about politics, relationships and our culture. Some important artists for you might be: Afghan Whigs, Radiohead, Wilco, Pavement and Liz Phair.
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2 comentários:

Ana Morais disse...

"you am th Punk elitist". Nada que me surpreenda :)

FMS disse...

passará outro ano amor e as sombras
de árvores abatidas à nossa varanda
há-de vir um sonho final amor
a tua voz em Florença
e o pó dos avós falecidos
no teu copo a península amor
de alguns filhos que não vieram
passará outra casa amor no teu sorriso
amor liberdade até o meu corpo ruir